"Does the job well, works immediately."
      -- William from Newbury, United Kingdom


MIDI Expression devices are class compliant USB MIDI pedal interfaces. Pedal sensing technology built into each device automatically loads custom presets when various types of pedals are plugged in, allowing them to support a whole range of pedals with zero fuss. This functionality is enhanced by a preset editor application that gives demanding users all the control they need and exposes powerful features that let you do more with your pedals.

Intelligent Design

Pedal Sensing Technology Feature rich preset editor
Class compliant implementation Parameter feedback and persistence
Polarity reversing inputs Ultra compact and portable

Do More with your Pedals

Get two functions from one pedal Fine tune pedal response curves
Send key commands Trigger velocity sensitive notes
Use Linked footswtich modes Rechannelize MIDI Data

Reasons to use MIDI Expression

  • You want hands-free control of your DAW or other music software.
  • You want to use different pedals without needing to mess with any settings.
  • You want to turn your pedals and footswitches into MIDI foot controllers.
  • You need a compact and hassle-free pedal interface for your live performances.
  • You want to give your virtual piano all the pedals found on a regular piano.
  • You want to trigger velocity sensitive notes with an expression pedal.
  • You want a hands-free way to audition patch changes and presets.

Check out some videos and have a look at the manual to see if MIDI Expression is right for you.


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MIDI Expression

The original MIDI Expression has a single input and costs $49 USD.

MIDI Expression Quattro

MIDI Expression Quattro has four inputs and costs $119 USD.

MIDI Expression iO

MIDI Expression iO has 3 inputs plus full size 5-pin MIDI In / Out ports and costs $139 USD.


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