"Compact & non nonsense, but packed full of features. A quality product. "
      -- Kaine from Notts, United Kingdom

Introducing MIDI Expression

A very minimalist introduction to MIDI Expression.

Pedal Sensing Technology

This video shows MIDI Expression's unique pedal sensing feature that detects the type of pedal plugged in and loads a corresponding preset to best support it.

Dual CC Mode

A demonstation of Dual CC Mode which allows a single pedal to send out two different MIDI messages depending on how long you press it.

Note Mode

Note mode allows expression pedals and hihat controls to output velocity sensitive notes based on how hard they are pressed. This video includes a short demonstration of the feature as well as a tutorial at the end.

MIDI Expression Control: Plugin Version

An introduction to the plugin version of the MIDI Expression Control Application.

Global Channel Tutorial

Describes how to use the new Global Channel feature in MIDI Expression 2.5 for hands-free control of multitimbral instruments.

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