"So reliable it's boring."
      -- Kevin from St Paul, United States


MIDI Expression is a compact class compliant USB MIDI device that allows different types of pedals to interface with your computer. Pedal sensing technology built into the device detects the type of pedal plugged in and automatically adjusts its settings to support it.

Reasons to use MIDI Expression

  • You want to connect a pedal for use in your DAW or software instrument.
  • You want to customize the response curve of your expression pedal.
  • You need a compact expression pedal input for your live performances.
  • You need an input that can handle a wide range of different pedals.
  • You want to add a hihat controller to DSP Trigger.
If any of the above apply to you, I recommend spending some time checking out some videos and having a look at the manual to see if MIDI Expression is right for you.

How it Works

MIDI Expression has four built-in configurations or presets--one for expression pedals, one for sustain pedals, one for hihat controllers, and one for footswitches. When you plug-in a pedal, the MIDI Expression detects its type and automatically loads the corresponding configuration. The MIDI Expression Control Application can be used to change a number of settings for each of the configurations including, Chan, CC, response curve, and more. All settings are stored in the device itself for portability.


MIDI Expression costs $49 USD and includes free shipping to almost anywhere in the world.


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