Roland PD-8 Head/Rim misfiring

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Roland PD-8 Head/Rim misfiring

Post by OlivierPenu »


I'm using some Roland PD-8 pad with head and rim zones but I can't seem to get them working properly with my Edrumin10.
I tried the specific pd8 factory-preset but the head and rim separation is not working well. The rim is triggering when i'm playing the head and vice versa. I saw that the pd8-preset has a mono wiring so I tried the basic rubber pad preset with stereo trigger wiring, still no good results.

Has anyone else had problems with this preset or pad?
Before I used the Roland TM-6 and I got it working fine.

Thanks already
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Re: Roland PD-8 Head/Rim misfiring

Post by Rob »

Thanks for pointing out that the PD-8 preset is set to mono. I'll updated it for the next version. If you use the PD-8 preset and then just change the input type to stereo, does that help? I assume switching to stereo, you'll no longer have issues with mistriggers on the head. Is that correct?
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