PDX-10 Snare Trigger Issues

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Re: PDX-10 Snare Trigger Issues

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Rob wrote:
Fri May 24, 2024 10:31 pm
I'm guessing that some other pad has positional sensing on and is sending CC16. Check your other inputs and the SD3 MIDI log to confirm.
Hey I wanted to write back that what you said was the exact root cause of my issue. As I don't really care about positional sensing on the toms, I just turned it off on all of them and the problem with the snare went away completely!

Thank you for the help really!

Edit: Had to also turn off positional sensing on the cymbals, as snare was triggered again by them ;(
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Re: PDX-10 Snare Trigger Issues

Post by Rob »

It's fine to have positional sensing on those other pads, but they need to be using a different CC. And unfortunately there's no standardized way of doing it. Typically cc16 is reserved for snare and cc17 is reserved for ride, but for your toms, you would need to pick some other unused cc numbers andmyou would need to make all those assignments in SD3.

Right now eDRUMin doesn't send positional CC values with each hit, but if it did, you won't have noticed this issue. Perhaps that's something I should change.
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