Windows lost ED8 as a MIDI Device

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Windows lost ED8 as a MIDI Device

Post by Danno »

Hi.. I am working on configuring a mini-PC to run AD2 for gigging, and I had everything connected earlier, but now it seems that the ED8 is no longer being seen in Windows as a MIDI device. Using the Edrumin app, I can see it fine, and the midi monitor shows hits, but when I load up MIDI-OX, it doesn't see ED8 as a MIDI Input device. Since Windows doesn't see it, AD2 doesn't see it either, essentially rendering it a paperweight. I am tearing my hair out on this one.. Any thoughts on steps I can take besides give the PC the "Office Space Printer" treatment?

(Update).. Evidently there was an update issue.. let Nanny Microsoft make updates, and now I can get AD2 working.
I'll have to make sure I leave the internet access disabled so that Windows doesn't update when they feel like it. Friggin Windoze..
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Re: Windows lost ED8 as a MIDI Device

Post by Rob »

I'm glad you got first things sorted. I recommend is to make sure that windows is in 'High Performance' power mode.

Also, If this is for gigging, I highly recommend running AD2 in Cantabile for stability purposes. If there is a USB MIDI (eDRUMin loses power, or OS power saving feature tries to disable the port), Cantabile will automatically reconnect to the MIDI port. In AD2 standalone (and 95% of applications), if the USB MIDI connection is lost, the only way to recover is to close the application and reopen it.
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