Splitter bug on ED8 ?

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Splitter bug on ED8 ?

Post by RxMan »

Good morning,
Today while configuring my ED8, I encountered a problem.
I divide the signal into mono from my tom 1 and tom 2 for input into ED8 with a stereo cable.
After correctly configuring the input and splitting the signal on the software, everything worked for Tom1, but the sound was muted for Tom2 and impossible to tune correctly even with calibration.
I remembered reading this post viewtopic.php?p=14549#p14549 (viewtopic.php?p=14549#p14549) and by moving the curves of the velocity curve, everything started to work correctly for the tom2.
I have the latest version which ends with .17
You indicated the bug for ED4 only, but I encountered it on ED8...
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Re: Splitter bug on ED8 ?

Post by Rob »

I originally thought it was only for ED4, but it turned out to affect all eDRUMin devices. The bug is fixed in the latest BETA,

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