Sticks matter!

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Sticks matter!

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The size and weight of your sticks matter, even when you’re playing electronic drums. A heavier stick will make it easier to play heavier, solid beats; and a lighter stick will make playing subtle, jazzier beats easier. No, it will not change the sound of your drums, but it will change how much energy you need to create that sound.

That said, nylon tips last longer on mesh heads than woods, but that’s just basic physics. Rock on.
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Re: Sticks matter!

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I've been using, on recommendation from Alan VEX of the vdrums forum, the Buddy Rich Signature Drumsticks, Modified 5A Stick, 16-5/16" Length, and 0.590" Diameter. Wood tip but haven't noticed extra wear on my Billy Blast 3ply mesh heads.
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