Setting up 3 zone Lemon ride

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Setting up 3 zone Lemon ride

Post by SteveM »

Hello- I am new to esrunin. I’ve read the user manual on how to set up pads and cymbals. I’m still not clear on some very basic things like how to save my selections.
Here goes:
Hello- I just received the eDRUMin10.

I need help with the following:

1. When I first try to set up a new pad, I am not sure which steps to do first and then when I do get the pad triggering properly, I will select the channel for that pad and will synch that with my DAW to play the Steven Slate samples that I selected. When I go to add a new pad, I lose previous settings and channel selection. I am not sure why it isn’t saving my selection. When I hit a pad I assume the channel I originally selected should still be saved. It sometimes it defaults to channel 10. I tried the ‘auto save’ as well as the manual save functions and it is still happening.

2. I’m trying to set up a 3 zone 18” Lemon ride. I’m not clear on how to do this properly. Are there more clear instructions that show the complete setup from right from first plug in of the cymbal? Once again I’m not clear on how to save the settings I’ve selected.

Thank you!
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Re: Setting up 3 zone Lemon ride

Post by Rob »

Each pad has its own channel setting, so it makes sense when you change to another pad that the channel changes back to the default 10.

As for the Lemon, have you tried the Lemon 18" factory preset. It's setup to use two inputs.
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