Picked up a used EV ZXA1-SUB

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Picked up a used EV ZXA1-SUB

Post by dsteinschneider »

I've been watching ebay and Reverb for several years for an EV ZXA1-SUB. I wanted something I could carry myself that will do a better job with the kick drum than 15" powered PA units alone. I ran TRS 1/4 balanced outs from the audio interface to the XLR inputs on the sub placed behind the floor tom and then from there to the powered speakers set 8 ft apart just behind the drums with the tweeter at head level. It has a high pass filter set at 100Hz. The setup now gets effortlessly loud in the studio. With the throne thumper just up enough to feel it and the sub/mains the experience is quite a bit like playing an acoustic set.
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Re: Picked up a used EV ZXA1-SUB

Post by geodan »

Wow! That sounds like the ideal setup. I'm going to keep an eye out for this sub model.
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