ED10 and Megadrum Tip! And thank you

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ED10 and Megadrum Tip! And thank you

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For year I was heavily into Megadrum had the first-gen model and the second-gen model ...WHAT A NIGHTMARE!! then by stupid luck, I found this forum (while trying to figure out how to get position sensing to work.) the biggest problem I found was their forum was almost non-existent no help and the creator of Megadrum after asking a question it would take at least a month before someone would reply and he acted like you were bothering him (i spent at least 600$ for these modules) .. I would actually pay ppl on the forum for help. what is my point? once I was fed up and moved to Edrummin not only was I greeted by a helpfull forum but also the person who makes the thing actually helps and listens to our needs and even has gone so far as to spend time helping me personally get my drums working and many times will rewrite code to add in the features we want. ( help popups.. or in my case a fix for touchscreen monitors) so I wanted to personally thank everyone who has taken the time and some actually have written pages of information to help me figure out my problem.(Mylo & Dadwrshpdrum and may others) SO A VERRY BIG THANK YOU TO ROB AND THE FORUM for helping me navigate my journey through the edrummin landscape although I'm still not there fully I do see I'm getting pretty close to my destination (Pictures coming soon) then I can help others reach it too!
Rob you have a customer for life !! and my gratitude!

so on to the tip..
so I put the MD modules on craigslist and no one wanted to buy them (big surprise there) just for giggles I decided to try and see what would happen if I plug it into my ed10 and surprise they actually work ..so if you have a Megadrum module sitting around before you throw it against the wall .. you can still use it . although I would just recommend using as for its intended purpose A DOORSTOP!
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Re: ED10 and Megadrum Tip! And thank you

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I'm so thankful for the community here. I would never have gotten here by myself.
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