Connect iPad to ED10 host port?

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Connect iPad to ED10 host port?

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Hi Rob

I am wondering if I can expect to be able to connect(*) an iPad to the ED10 USB host port and send MIDI from iPad apps through the ED10 to my laptop, which would be connected to the main type B USB port on the ED10?

I understand this would probably not allow me to use the ED10 control app on the iPad meanwhile, that's fine...

Use case: use various music/MIDI/sequencer apps on the iPad to drive a VST on my laptop - I would not necessarily need to play/trigger the pads and pedals plugged into the ED10 too at the same time, although that would be nice.

Alternatively: should I rather attempt to go iPad -> Apple Adapter -> Roland UM-ONE Mk2 -> ED10 MIDI DIN?

(*) by using an "Apple Lightning to USB Camera adapter"

Thank you,
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