MIDI Expression 2.9.2 BETA

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MIDI Expression 2.9.2 BETA

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MIDI Expression 2.9 BETA is available for testing. If you notice any issues, please reply in this thread and I will address them. I will maintain the links in this post to point to the latest build. Your feedback is much appreciated.

While old (mini-B) MIDI Expression devices are still supported by this version, they will no longer be receiving firmware updates. This version has lots of under the hood changes to simplify the code base making it easier for future development.

  • Improved polarity detection.
Bug Fixes since version 2.9.1
  • Fixed note off not being sent in Note / Hihat mode when set to send note 0.
  • Fixed display issue when using the transformer to transpose.
  • VST version of the control application will now remember the loopback setting.
Bug Fixes since version
  • Fixed MEIO routing issue for MIDI DIN In.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent the control application opening cleanly.

Changes in build 9
  • VST Version: Fixed issue setting MIDI channel.
  • VST Version: Fixed issues completely updating/restoring device settings after loading / unloading plugin.
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