Linux Support
The MIDI Expression and eDRUMin control applications are now available for Ubuntu. Tested on Ubuntu but should work on other distributions as well.

MIDI Expression Quattro back in stock
It has been a long wait, but they are back. And back in style with new opamp buffered inputs and improved power delivery, all the while squeezing into an even more compact enclosure for the smallest and most powerful generation yet.

New MIDI Expression iO
A new version of the MIDI Expression iO in now available, with a new aluminum enclosure and upgraded electronics.

eDRUMin 10 Revision 2
eDRUMin 10 revision 2 is now for sale. This small hardware upgrade adds opamp buffers to the pedal inputs to improve hihat position precision and stability.

eDRUMin 4 Revision 2
eDRUMin 4 Revision 2 is now for sale. The hardware upgrade improves the dynamic range of the trigger inputs and increases the amount of current available for the pedal inputs allowing the device to easily power Hall effect sensors.

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