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MIDI Expression 2.5 is released

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 7:38 am
by Rob
I’m pleased to announce MIDI Expression 2.5 update, including some major new features and improvements. The new features announced here are available for all MIDI Expression devices. Be sure to update your firmware to take advantage of the latest features and improvements. Here's a summary of what's new.

Global Channel
The major standout feature of this release is the new ‘Global Channel’. The purpose of this feature is to allow users to change the MIDI channel of MIDI Expression inputs using a switch or sustain type pedal.


You can set the global channel and which inputs are assigned to use it by clicking on the three white dots next to the image of your device at the top of the UI.To change the Global Channel with a pedal, select the Global MIDI Channel mode. A quick press of the pedal will increment to channel, and a long press will decrement it.

USB MIDI Loopback
This was already possible on the MEiO via its routing page, but it's now available for the original MIDI Expression and the MIDI Expression Quattro, too. Used in combination with the Global Channel, MIDI entering the device from a host can be re-channelized and then send right back out.

Send to All Channels
This was a feature request from the forums. By dragging the MIDI Channel (but not the global MIDI Channel) up past 16, the channel control will now show 'ALL' and MIDI events will be generated on all MIDI Channels.

There are also a bunch of stability fixes and cosmetic improvements in this release. Enjoy!

Here's a video showing how you can use the global channel to work with multitimbral instruments.


Re: MIDI Expression 2.5 is released

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:15 pm
by Brother Charles
HI Rob,

I'd like to be able to chat with you about "MIDI Expression". Would you please send me a quick PM, sir?

Thanks & God bless,
Bro. Charles :)

Re: MIDI Expression 2.5 is released

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:52 pm
by kurtvanzo
Thanks Rob for this update. I'm currently using version 2.1.03 on a Mac OS 10.9.5. I'm wondering if this latest version will work on my OS and if so, does it still have the curve adjustments for normal expression/volume pedals? I don't see it in any of the screenshots here, but I realize it may be because you are showing a sustain pedal and not an expression pedal. Could you post a screenshot of the interface with a volume or expression pedal? And could you clarify what the minimum OS that is required for this update? Thanks.

Also, if this doesn't work on my OS I'd like to try the 2.3 update, but can't find it anywhere. Is it possible to post or email me the update? Thanks for all your help over the years with my Quattro and single versions, they are indispensable.

Re: MIDI Expression 2.5 is released

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:20 pm
by kurtvanzo
Thanks again Rob. I decided to take a chance and this new version works fine. I especially like the ability to resize the window, as it has always been a little small for me. Love the new features too. Kudos! Thanks for continuing to improve your stellar product. More videos on creative ways to use it is welcome too. I often forget how much can be done with a quattro and your app, thanks!