Fine Turning Rimshots

Shows how to use DSP Trigger's rimshot detection controls to make triggering dynamic and lively rimshots a breeze.

Clip Compensation

A video demonstrating a new feature in DSP Trigger 1.4 called Clip Compensation which allows DSP to function better with lower quality audio interfaces. When used for drum replacement, it allows you to restore the dynamics of a track that recorded too hot and resulted in clipping.

Updated Preset System

A tutorial showing you how to take advantage of DSP Trigger's powerful new preset system.

New Features in DSP Trigger v1.1

A look at some of the new features and enhancements in DSP Trigger V1.1.

Drum Replacement with DSP Trigger

A tutorial showing how to do drum replacement in Cubase using DSP Trigger.

Calibrating a Single Zone Pad in DSP Trigger

A tutorial showing how to calibrate a drum pad in MONO mode.

Setting up DSP Trigger in your VST Host

A tutorial showing how to setup DSP Trigger in your VST Host.

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