DSP Trigger is available in 32/64bit VST and AU formats for both Windows and Mac OSX.


DSP Trigger needs to be used inside a compatible VST host such as Cubase, Reaper, Sonar, or Ableton. For more information on how to setup DSP Trigger in your VST host, have a look in the 'videos' section. Also as DSP Trigger produces MIDI, it needs to be used in combination with a drum sampler. DSP Trigger is fully compatible with BFD, BFD ECO, Drum Superior, Addictive Drums, Studio Drummer and any other quality drum sampler.


There are no published hardware requirements. If your computer is less than about five years old, then it should have absolutely no problem running DSP Trigger.

For live performance applications, you'll also need a low latency audio interface.

NOTE: DSP Trigger uses online activation, so an internet connection is also required.

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